'I’ll never be the same again:' Man shot by state constable in Florence speaks out

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The Florence man shot by a state constable and his attorney believe what happened during the traffic stop last Saturday night was unjust.

Body cam footage released by the city shows 28-year-old Brandon Fludd backing up toward officers just before state constable Christopher Bachochin fired eight shots at him.

Roberts Stucks, an attorney in Darlington, is representing Fludd. Both he and his client think Fludd should have gotten out of the car when asked to do so, but said the shooting "should have never happened".

"On a bigger scale for just the community at large, we need some assurance that once we're pulled over lawfully that our civil rights will not be violated," Stucks said. "It's just a horrible situation for everyone involved."

"I'm a little traumatized as well. Even when I see a police drive past me my heart beats," Fludd said.

Fludd said he was on the way to his uncle's home when he was pulled over by Florence police and Bachochin.

What started as a traffic stop quickly escalated, according to Fludd.

"They started (asking) questions about whether there were guns, drugs in the car and asking me to step out and got aggressive with telling me to step out," he said.

In body cam footage released by the city, Fludd can be seen backing up toward officers before Bachochin fired his weapon eight times. Then, the driver speeds away.

Fludd claims it was because of the aggressive questioning that he pulled off, racing toward his home just a few blocks away.

"I just got nervous, got scared. It's dark in the area that I got pulled (over). It's a lot going on. I just got scared," Fludd said.

According to city officials, Bachochin has been a volunteer officer with the Florence Police Department on and off for four years. State constables must go through the same officer and weapons training as police officers.

Still, Fludd believes a state constable firing his weapon was unjust, especially when the police officers at the scene did not.

"I'm a little upset that they would allow someone to play police and not actually be a police and he could potentially took my life and those that are around because bullets do ricochet off of something," he said.

Fludd spent three days in the hospital. He was hit three times in the arm, leg and chest. One bullet remains in the latter location.

"I have a bullet in my chest that I have to live with, my knee is messed up, my arm is messed up," Fludd said. "I'll never be the same again. I'm just taking it one day at a time. Still in pain, but it's getting better."

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