Old speedway in Lake View forgotten no more

Dillon County, SC (WMBF) - Tucked way in the back roads of Dillon County lies 20 acres of land.

Just off Highway 9 on Race Track Road, there's a speedway with an old name, anticipating new beginnings.

The theme of the new chapter is an ongoing passion.

"My father started in the early 1950s," said Steve Tripp, Owner of the Lake View Motor Speedway. "I kind of grew up with it my whole life. Later on, I bought my own race car, and had my own race team."

Now, Steve Tripp, and his wife Sophie, own the Lake View Motor Speedway - formerly known as the Carolina Speedway.

Since taking over, they've been hard at work, pounding and drilling to revitalize the old dirt track built 37 years ago.

"Also, we've changed the track configuration a little bit as far as the exit off the racetrack," Tripp said. "It used to be in Turn 4. It's now off the back stretch. We feel that's a little safer."

Tripp explains the reason for the name change.

"I felt it was necessary to bring the name back to Lake View to put this town back on the map," he said. Along with this, the hope of an economic impact.

"I got a good feeling it's going to bring a lot of new people in. A lot of racers I talked to so far are very excited about it coming back," said Tony Hayes of Lake View Town Council. No one more is more excited than Tripp.

We're actually going to be out there this Saturday starting racing, and then April 7th," Tripp stated. "We'll have our big opening, and we expect a big crowd."

Tripp and his staff have plenty of work to do to get all the construction complete, but he tells me Lake View Motor Speedway plans to have at least 14 races this year.

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