AG’s office to review findings in Florence constable-involved shooting investigation

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – The 12th Circuit Solicitor has asked the South Carolina Attorney General to review the findings of its investigation into last weekend's constable-involved shooting in Florence.

Robert Kittle, with the SCAG's office, stressed the solicitor did not ask the attorney general to take over the investigation.

"We have agreed to review the findings after the investigation is completed," Kittle said via email.

City officials said late Saturday night a state constable was riding along with a Florence police officer when they pulled a driver over.

Ed Clements, the 12th circuit solicitor, said the incident escalated during the traffic stop, eventually leading the constable to shoot the driver.

On Tuesday, Florence officials released both the dash cam and body cam footage of the traffic stop.

In the dash cam footage, the officer is heard asking the driver if there are any weapons in the car, to which the man said no.

The question was asked a few more times and the driver became defensive.

"I'm worried about weapons. We've got a problem with weapons in this area," the officer is heard saying.

The driver is then asked if there are any drugs in the car, as the officer said he could smell marijuana. The man said his "homeboy" had been in the vehicle earlier.

Police ask the driver multiple times to step out of the vehicle, which he refuses to do. The dash cam footage then shows the car driving in reverse as the officer yells "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!"

The Cadillac hits the police cruiser as shots are fired. There is a brief pause before the driver pulls away. He was injured in the shooting, but has since been released from the hospital.

At a Tuesday press conference, Florence mayor Stephen Wukela said the video speaks for itself. He added the Florence police officers involved followed protocol and will not face suspension or disciplinary action for their involvement.

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