Surfside Beach looking to attract big businesses with new incentive

SURFSIDE BEACH (WMBF) - The Town of Surfside Beach wants to attract more big businesses. Town leaders have voted to give those with higher incomes a bit of a break when setting up shop.

The ordinance, approved Tuesday night, lowers business license rates for companies grossing more than $1 million.  Surfside Beach councilman Randle Stevens says the goal is to attract potential large corporations coming into the town.

"What it does, it gives major corporations that have been looking at the Myrtle Beach area to look at the town of Surfside  Beach...we still want the mom and pops because they're the backbone of America but we want the big corporations to come and look at Surfside as a place to build their business at," said Stevens.

Looking at license renewals from 2017, about 56 current businesses in the area qualify for a break on their business license fee. But Surfside Beach Councilman Randle Stevens says it's not just about keeping those big businesses around.

"If we don't increase revenue through our businesses then the first thing that's going to happen is that we'll have to raise taxes. And a lot of retired folk that live here are on a fixed income and they may not be able to afford raising taxes," said Stevens.

He added the council is working on upgrading the towns overlay district, with proposals similar to that of the overlay in Horry County.