Consider This: Renewing the TDF is the right decision for Myrtle Beach

A controversial issue is tackled once again by city leaders: the Tourism Development Fee (TDF).  In its first reading today at city council, members agreed that it is necessary to continue for the future growth of the Grand Strand.

That is encouraging and, I believe, the right decision.

However, I do understand the skepticism and the issues this tax creates for many people in Myrtle Beach, especially since voters do not get to decide.  But, when you weigh the benefits, it's a no-brainer.

Mayor Brenda Bethune said it best when she said voters have spoken, that they do have a voice because they voted in leaders who clearly are in support of re-imposing the TDF.

Consider This:  In a community where tourism is everything…city leaders, business owners and residents have a responsibility to make sure that base continues to grow.

The Mayor's take on more transparency on how the tax money is spent is also right on point.  Information and accountability are key to making anything successful and I hope that all of us can work together to make sure questions get answered so that any worries of wrongdoing can be exposed and corrected and that any rumors or doubt can be put to rest.

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