Horry County leaders looking into ending trash fees in some areas

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County leaders are looking into the possibility of ending trash fees for people who live in areas of high density like Carolina Forest or Forestbrook.

County Councilman Johnny Vaught told WMBF News the idea is in the very early stages right now, and it was brought up at last week's budget retreat.

The idea is that the county would pay for a private company to pick trash up off curbsides.

Right now, people who live in unincorporated areas of Horry County have a couple options. They can pay a trash company themselves to pick up their trash off the side of the road, they can pay through their home owners association fees to have the trash picked up or they can take their trash to the dump themselves.

This new option would mean Horry County residents in some areas wouldn't have to pay to have their trash picked up.

"I'm of the opinion that any time you can have a private company provide the same services that a government service does, they're probably going to do it more efficiently," Johnny Vaught said.

Vaught also said there's a millage for recycling that comes out on your regular taxes, and this would be paid for by that, but he also said this wouldn't increase your taxes.

People in Carolina Forest are excited by this possibility. Peter Santos lives in Spring Lake, and he says paying for trash is a hassle.

"We pay I think roughly $300 a year to get our trash picked up," Peter Santos said. "If I don't pay the bill, my trash can is removed from my property, and then I have to try to get in touch with the trash people and pay my bill before they bring my trash can back to my house."

Vaught says the next step is to have the county administrator look into whether this would even be possible.

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