Police warn drivers about leaving valuables in cars as vehicle break-ins rise

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The residential and business area in The Market Common has seen 12 car break-ins in 2018 and 25 since last September, according to Myrtle Beach Police Capt. Joey Crosby.

Brittany Whitley said her coworker had her car broken into just last week.

"Of course we need to start hiding our purses if you're going to get out of your car," said Whitley.

Whitley said she was the one to tell her coworker, who had left her wallet on the seat, her car had been broken into. They also noticed another car in the area had also been burglarized.

"Market Commons is safe. There's people walking around. You've got kids. You let them go across the street to the park while you're still hanging out," Whitley said. "This is a safe area; it should be."

Crosby said the police department will step up patrols in the area, but is offering the community advice on how to protect themselves too.

"The public, if they'll lock their vehicles and remove the personal items and valuables items from inside the car out of the view of the public walking by, that will certainly help," he said.

Crosby added residents should make sure they're aware of their surroundings and if they see something, say something.

"Make sure that you're doing things such as parking in a well-lit area. Make sure that your vehicle is locked. Make sure that you're calling in suspicious behavior and also make sure that you're hiding all of your personal items so they're not in plain view if someone walks by," Crosby said.

Heather Gray, general manager at The Market Common, said she thinks it goes for anywhere, that if someone leaves anything of value in their car, there's a good chance they could be the victim of a vehicle burglary.

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