WEDNESDAY AT 7 – A State of Crisis: South Carolina’s Opioid Epidemic

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A taste of relief from pain can turn into a lifetime of craving.

"We never knew something a doctor gave you could be a drug," said a former addict.

The opioid epidemic has touched every level of our society. It's taking lives and it's changing the way healthcare providers treat pain.

"Every single time I take a shift over a few days, I deliver a baby who is dependent on opioids," said Dr. Marla Hardenbergh, an OBGYN.

However, the increased scrutiny could be forcing some patients who really need this kind of medication to slip through the cracks.

"There's no other area of medicine where you're worried about a cop coming to you," said Dr. Jeffrey Wilkins.

Tune into WMBF News Wednesday at 7, as we take a look at this crisis in a special report, "A State of Crisis: South Carolina's Opioid Epidemic." After the special, an addiction specialist from Trinity Behavioral Care in Marion will do a Facebook Live to answer your questions.

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