Location of lots causes confusion for Horry, Georgetown officials, residents

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - State and local officials are working to figure out a plan after hundreds of lots thought to be in Horry County were actually determined to be in Georgetown County.

Representatives Lee Hewitt and Russell Fry hit the State House floor on Tuesday to introduce a bill to fix this issue.

"It's an identity crisis really," said Jacob Sloan, who lives in the affected area.

Around 200 businesses, homes and vacant lots are impacted by the confusion.

"I think that people kind of get bound by tradition and my family has lived in Horry or Georgetown county for this long and I don't think they're going to want to change," said Sloan.

The border mistake was found by the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office's County Border Program. The error means those living in Georgetown have been paying taxes and voting in the wrong county.

"And there's also the issue of school districts," said Horry County District Four Councilman Gary Loftus. "If a kid's going to St. James High or St. James Middle School, now they got to go down to Waccamaw."

"I know people that live right on the border and they have based where they're going to school off of that," said Sloan.

Another issue is public safety.

"You have Horry County police versus the Georgetown County sheriff," said Loftus.

A bill introduced Tuesday calls for a referendum in the affected area. If it passes, those who live there will vote in November if they want to stay in Horry County or become part of Georgetown County.

"I, for one, have been a local Horry County guy my entire life. I am completely ready to even change the line if I have to to maintain that," said Sloan.

Two thirds of the total vote are needed to legally change the county line.

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