Student Spotlight: Horry County student wins national art competition, expresses individuality with creativity

Student Spotlight: Horry County student wins national art competition, expresses individuality with creativity
The winning artwork by CFHS senior Lika Khoperia, titled 'Colorblind.'

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - A Carolina Forest student's art success may be featured on LIFEWTR bottles. She's still waiting to find out, but after winning a national competition sponsored by LIFEWTR and Scholastic, the water company brought an artist to her high school to talk about the importance of art in schools and our every day lives. This student couldn't agree more about it's importance.

"It just kind of motivates me and inspires me to keep doing more," Lika Khoperia, our WMBF News Student Spotlight, said. She's a senior at Carolina Forest High School. Lika just won the national Ignite Inspiration Sweepstakes. She said she thinks she won because her art tends to be out of the box.

"Because when you have rules and certain things that you're allowed to use…you can only go so far with that. But when you don't, you can come up with your own ways of doing things," she told us. Lika said she doesn't discriminate when it comes to her art styles. Although her winning painting is watercolor, she said it's made in an unconventional way. The inspiration for the painting is also not what you'd think.

"So I named it Colorblind because a lot of times teenagers will look at problems and be like 'oh, it's a problem, it can't be solved,' but then I put it in color…I put a lot of abstract pieces around my painting. And those are supposed to mean all these ideas and thoughts…so they can be colorful as in they can be positive and you can look at the problem, you don't have to close your eyes to it," Lika said of the piece.

Lika explained she loves art because it can be applied to all parts of her life. She said she thinks art makes people more open-minded, and is a gateway to sharing ideas in an abstract way. She said she taught herself to draw, and although her family believes she could be the next Picasso...she has sites on a different career. Lika came to America from the European country, Georgia. She said her experiences here are influencing her future plans.

"...and from that, that's how I became motivated to become an economist and I also want to become an ambassador in the near future for my country, from the United States to my country," Lika said. Until then, she'll keep art as a hobby. She wants to major in economics and international relations at a college she has yet to choose. Good luck, Lika!

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