Horry Co. Council votes down Red Bluff Mine proposal to massive applause from residents

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Red Bluff Mine proposal failed to pass the Horry County Council Tuesday night, prompting a massive round of applause from the packed council chambers.

Dozens of residents showed up to the regular council meeting to show their opposition to the mining permit, which would have allowed Red Bluff Rock LLC to conduct mining activities located off Highway 905 and Red Bluff Road in the Loris area of the county's north end.

The unanimous vote against the mine leaves the project's prospect's dim, as it was met with strong opposition the first time it was brought before the council last year.

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Mike Wooten with DDC Engineers presented information on Red Bluff mining project to County Council, and said that the project isn't something the public should be worried about, but County Council still voted not to move forward with the mine.

Red Bluff residents have previously said the mine will cause pollution, and lead to traffic issues and noise problems as well. Wooten had said it won't be as bad as some people seem to think it will be.

During the public comment period, residents said they were not happy about a meeting that was held last Wednesday in North Myrtle Beach to discuss the mine. They said they thought county leaders did not want people from the Red Bluff community to show up.

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Red Bluff resident Guy Needham was one of several members to speak during the public hearing. He said the proposed mine will affect quality of life for people there.

After council made the decision, residents of Red Bluff filled the room with applause.

Barry Todd has lived in Red Bluff his whole life. He says he's happy with the decision.

"We're excited that the county heard the voices of the people, which I believe they should," Barry Todd said. "They represent the people, they should hear the voice of the people, and we're proud that they voted in favor to not allow this mine to take place."

District 10 councilman  Danny Hardee says there was no other option than to vote against the mine.

"Our job is to represent what they want," Hardee said. "And I don't think any council member can sit up here tonight after listening to the people and look at them and say, 'We're not going to support you. We're going to put a rock mine in.'"

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