Conway police warn residents about potential phone scams

Conway police warn residents about potential phone scams
(Source: NMB Department of Public Safety)

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Conway Police Department is reminding residents to be vigilant against telephone scams.

Calls soliciting money for fines, taxes or other debts could be scams, and Conway Police say not to give any personal information over the phone. Any entity doing legitimate business will provide accurate data and their identity and contact information for residents to contact them.

A Conway Police news release elaborates:

Unfortunately, these phone, mail, and e-mail scams are occurring more often with the caller/scanner using more creative and varying stories to obtain monies under false pretenses.  While it would be impossible to warn the public of every scenario that a scammer may use, we can conclusively advise you that reputable businesses and organizations are not going to contact you and request your personal information. Remember, do not trust a number the caller may provide you to verify the information. Research the number yourself and contact that organization to verify the information provided by the caller, since scammers have the ability to generate multiple numbers that may be displayed on your caller ID.

The release encourages the public to visit the following websites to stay updated on any scams, and to report any possible scam:

Better Business Bureau

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 

Police also say residents can contact their local law enforcement agency is they receive a suspicious call or request for information or money.

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