Spectrum customers unhappy after switch to digital leaves them without TV service

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Some Spectrum customers are not happy after discovering Tuesday they don't have TV service anymore.

The Spectrum store in Garden City had a line out of the door for most of the day. Dozens of people were waiting outside to get new cable boxes.

On Tuesday, Spectrum made the switch to become entirely digital. Many customers didn't know the conversion was happening, so they woke up Tuesday morning with no TV service.

A number of them were not happy at all about the change, with several saying they're thinking about switching cable providers after this incident. Most wish they had known about the switch earlier.

"I can't say that I'm pleased to spend an hour in this fine parking lot, but I have to say at least the weather's good," customer Wally Solodyna said. "It would've been nice if this had been taken care of earlier or we knew about it before the last day. I would've come down here if I knew that."

Spectrum representatives released the following statement about the issue:

We notified customers a month before the conversion about their options for getting digital receivers, and communicated with them several times during that period. We also added staff at our Spectrum stores, especially in the days immediately before and after the conversion, to serve customers who hadn't taken action.

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