Student Spotlight: Students persevere to finish mascot project

Student Spotlight

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Fall down seven times, get up eight, right?

That's the attitude students at North Myrtle Beach High School had while persevering to finish an art project honoring the school.

While the material used posed many challenges, the students have the months-long project almost finished.

"There was one point where the face had fallen apart for the third time, and I asked them, 'Would you rather super glue this or start over? It's up to you; I know you all are tired,' and I went to walk around the room and came back around and they had started over," said honors art teacher Tina Martin, who has overseen the project since it began last October.

Martin said she used a website for teachers called "Donors Choose" to get Lego-like bricks donated to North Myrtle Beach High. When the 50 boxes of 1,100 bricks arrived, she said she and her students weren't sure what to do with them. Then, they did.

"It was special. I don't imagine there's a lot of schools that are making a model out of their mascot. That's just not something I think you're going to see a lot, so it's very cool," art student Presley Minnick said.

The students have made a Lego-brick sculpture of their mascot, a chief.

"It was a fun idea and I hadn't worked with Legos before so I wanted to do it," student Olivia Ayers said.

The students said the work began with sketches, and then they started building. It was a lot of trial and error.

"Then our body would be too big for our head, so we would have to downsize it and make it equal," student Emma Keiner said.

"So it was really one of those things where it was a building block situation and you had to figure out what you were doing wrong and how to correct it," Minnick said.

Patience was a must – not to mention perseverance - to get the tedious project nearly complete.

"If there was one thing out of place, such as a hole or something that didn't look right, we would have to take it apart and it would take hours just to fix it," student Veronica Graham said.

In the end, Martin believes the lessons taught from the project will last longer than it took to build it.

"Life throws us things and we have to overcome things and I find that we are most proud of the things we work hard on, and I hope those are the things they get from this project," she said.

The chief bust still needs some finishing touches, such as colorful bricks to add to its wardrobe. Martin, however, expects it will be done soon. The bust will be displayed in a glass casing inside the school's foyer.

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