'I just thank God I am alive:' Victim, witnesses describe crash, police chase on Kings Highway

MBPD officer with gun drawn on suspect in pond after fleeing. (Barbara Martin)
MBPD officer with gun drawn on suspect in pond after fleeing. (Barbara Martin)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Two men are under arrest after fleeing from police Monday morning following reports of a suspicious vehicle in a KFC parking lot, according to information from Cpt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Police located the car, and saw two men sleeping inside; officers saw a handgun in one of their laps, Crosby says.

The suspects fled from the scene in their car when police attempted to make contact with them; the suspects' vehicle then crashed into another vehicle. According to witnesses on scene, one of the suspects ran from the vehicle into a fountain at Spy Glass Adventure Golf.

The two men were eventually located and arrested, Crosby confirmed. One of the suspects was treated on scene in an ambulance. Police say at least one weapon was recovered.

James Barnhill was a passenger in the white truck that was hit while carrying a Bobcat loader. The two were on a work call heading to 42nd Avenue.

"We were making a left turn and these guys came out of nowhere. It happened so fast; I mean they were flying. They were going pretty fast. I just thank God I am alive. It was pretty scary for a moment," Barnhill said. "I am glad they hit the trailer and not us. It could have been really bad for us if they had hit the truck and not the trailer."

Witnesses at the intersection said they were really impressed with MBPD officers. A few women saw the suspects get out of their car and attempt to run away.

"The cops swarmed, one went through the water, one went this way, the cops' guns were drawn, and got these guys," Emily Roberts said. "The cops did a wonderful job. They were on top of these guys and had them down fast."

Barbara Martin said she watched one suspect get waist-high in the pond at the mini golf course, with an officer drawing his weapon on the suspect before arresting him.

"The officers were around him and cornered him, and it was over at that point. He took him down right under the Spyglass sign," Martin said. "It was so impressive how the officers coordinated it. We saw it all unfold in front of our eyes like a TV show. It was amazing; they were really good."

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