Almost 500 local students show off their 'National History Day' projects at regional competition

(Source: Holly DeLoache)
(Source: Holly DeLoache)

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Almost 500 students from all over Horry and Georgetown county invaded Coastal Carolina University Friday morning....but for a good reason. They were presenting the National History Day projects they've been working on since the first day of school.

The students have already won the competitions within their schools, and Friday they competed at the regional level. There's five categories: Websites, documentaries, performances, papers, or exhibits.

"60 percent of the evaluation is historical quality, so they're looking for things like context and evidence, are they making an argument they can support? 20 percent is the presentation, so how it looks and the organization. The other 20 percent is connecting it to that annual theme of conflict and compromise," said Adam Powley, the regional coordinator.

"Our judges come from all over the county, some from all over the state. They're historians, they're important members of the community, and the thing that I love about this is students have to talk with them about their projects to an authentic audience. It's like the holy grail of education," Powley said.

Logan McIver, a middle school student at Ocean Bay Middle, focused her exhibit on the integration of Conway High School and Whittemore High School. Her project is unique because it focuses on a local historical event.

"It feels really good to bring something to this competition that has never been here before and to really highlight our community doing this project, I learned a lot about the history of where I come from," she said.

McIver said while she was nervous to present her project to the judges, she knows she put her best foot forward.

"I relaxed because no one knows my product better than me, so I just looked at it as this is really good, I worked on this hard,  so now it's time to show them what I've been working on since the first day of school and it's now march so we worked on this for a long time," she said.

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