Vacant space at Kings Highway, 12th Ave. N could welcome new business

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A new discount retail store could soon set up shop at the corner of 12th Avenue North and Kings Highway, according to city spokesperson Mark Kruea.

The storefronts at 1117 North Kings Highway have sat vacant for some time now, and Kruea said it's good to see some of the empty space being used and fixing it up and adding things like windows will benefit the area.

"That's a prime piece of property right there on Kings Highway right near Mr. Joe White Avenue, so I think its a good sign that there is new retail coming to that area. Hopefully that will bring other retail to that area. We wish that business luck in that location."

Anthony Gesmondi, owner of Anthony's Transmission and Automotive Services said he's looking forward to a business finally moving into the space.

"If it's clean I think it would help this area," said Gesmondi.

Kruea said construction has been going on over the last few weeks.

"That indicates that there's still a life in that area, that there may be more life in that area, that our economy is doing well and that people are willing to take a chance that this core district right here will have a second birth," said Kruea.

"If it is a dollar store or beach shop, although there's millions of beach shops, people will be coming and they'll notice I'm here and if they need any services I'm here," said Gesmondi.

City officials said they aren't sure of a name yet for the business.

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