'Could you please just return them?' Rocks stolen from Conway memorial rock garden

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A permanent rock garden memorial originally created to honor the two women killed during the CresCom Bank robbery in Conway last August has been destroyed.

The Conway group that created the Collins Park memorial are in shock after finding an empty rock garden, saying they're heartbroken to see that someone would do something like this.

It's meant to be a lasting memorial for lost loved ones. Anyone who's going through a loss can paint a rock and place it in the garden, where it's meant to stay untouched.

Where once was a garden filled with painted rocks placed there by people in memory of their loved ones, there are now just nine replacement rocks remaining after it was virtually wiped clean last week.

Organizers of the memorial garden said they don't think it was an accident, since the garden is fenced off with a sign that reads "do not remove rocks." They hope whoever is responsible will simply bring them back because those rocks mean much more than just artwork.

"Whoever took them, could you please just return them?" said Lisa Abbs, a member of Conway Rocks. "They might not mean anything to you - painted rocks - but to each individual that lost them, they put their heart and soul into those rocks. So if you could please, please, just put them back, we would greatly appreciate it."

Abbs said people have taken rocks in the past, but never anything like this. The group has considered taking matters into their own hands by installing a security camera, but believe it would just be stolen too.

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