Fire officials urge safe burning as peak wildfire season approaches

As temperatures begin to increase with Spring on the way, it's likely the burn ban we saw this weekend will be the first of many.

South Carolina's wildfire season usually occurs between late winter and early spring. The state forestry commission says out of the more than 3,000 wildland fires they respond to each year, 98% are caused by human activities with careless debris burning being the leading cause.

Horry County Fire Rescue wants to remind people that even when a burn ban isn't in place, it's still your responsibility to burn safely. Dry conditions, paired with low humidity and high winds can lead to wildfire dangers at any time of the year.

"Even though it's rained a couple of days that ground cover is still extremely dry and will  burn extremely fast. We really want you to keep all the pine straw, keep all the leaves away from your house. If you are in a wooded area spend some time, if you're able to do it safely, to get on your roof and make sure your roof is cleared of all of that," said Mark Nugent, Public Information Officer for Horry County Fire Rescue.

Another piece of advice—you might even want to avoid using the grill during windy days as they too can pose a danger to your home.