Candidates make their case for why they should be on Surfside Beach Town Council

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Seven candidates for Surfside Beach Town Council - two incumbents and five challengers - talked about the issues concerning voters in Surfside Beach ahead of next month's town council election.

The two candidates up for re-election are Tim Courtney and David Pellegrino. The five challengers are Carol Cook, Bruce Dietrich, Debbie Scoles, MaryNell True and Cabell Young.

The candidates discussed a number of topics, including the pier and an entertainment district at the pier, as well as parking, ordinances, the town administrator's duties and the importance of having civil town council meetings.

The candidates each have specific qualities they think would make for good town council members.

"I bring critical thinking, planning and decision making to the table," Cook said.

Scoles emphasized the importance of the whole town council getting along.

"We need to bring back respect to council," she said.

True talked about how she doesn't have political experience, but still believes she has a lot to offer.

"I am like most people in this town and love it and think it's great, because it is great," she said.

Young emphasized his business background.

"I would like to bring my business acumen, my years on the business committee for the town of Surfside, and my graduation from Elon University to the town," Young said.

Dietrich believes the town council should be united.

"I think what this town needs out of their council is vision," he said.

The incumbents say they want to keep going with town council.

"I just want to be part of making decisions that make this town even better than it is," Pellegrino said.

"It's been a pleasure serving you these last two years, and it will be an honor to serve you if I'm elected," Courtney said.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce will host a Surfside Beach Candidate Forum Wednesday, March 28. The election will be held April 3.

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