Highway 707 widening project now slated to be complete in Fall 2018

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Highway 707 widening project in Horry County was slated to be complete this month. Back in October, the project was about 60 percent complete, as of now it's about 68 percent complete.

Horry County spokesperson, Kelly Moore, said the new slated completion date is now expected to be this fall, depending on weather conditions. Moore said the delay is mainly due to the weather and utility issues.  The 707 widening project is part of the RIDE II one-cent penny sales tax capital projects Horry County taxpayers voted for.

The bridge at Mill Creek is now in place and the first sound wall is done. Moore also said upcoming traffic switches for Mill Creek bridge and Collins Creek bridge will be announced soon, and are expected to take place in early April.

Some local businesses in the area said the construction has not been too much of an issue for them.

"We don't really rely on walk-ins. Honestly the traffic from St. James High School at 3:30 is probably more of an issue than the road construction. So as far as business I would say no," said Michael Graham, Travel Agent at Cruise Planners.

Right now, the contractor is continuing to work on various roadway items. There are three phases of the widening project. Moore said all three phases are being worked on simultaneously, with the highest construction presence on section two and three.

Graham also lives off Highway 707 and has seen this construction from the beginning.

"So fortunately, it's only a two-mile track back and forth. You know it's a little bit of an inconvenience, but at the same time we've watched their progress. We kind of have names for all the guys we see over the years working on the side of the road. I think they are doing a great job. There's a little bit of extra traffic but it's not bad. It's not like living in a dense area like DC or something like that," said Graham.

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