MBPD’s real time crime unit will utilize over 800 cameras to monitor downtown during marathon

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach police are working to keep their eyes all over downtown to help keep residents and visitor's safe during Saturday's 21st Annual Myrtle Beach Marathon.

"We've been preparing since last year's marathon and we've learned from various events throughout our country. So, we've been able to modify to make sure our attendees and our citizens are safe," said Myrtle Beach Police Capt. Joey Crosby.

The department's real time crime unit utilizes 815 cameras and two officers to monitor activity throughout the city. That will prove especially important this weekend, as thousands of people hit the streets for the marathon.

"In major special events it helps us to watch the traffic flow. It also helps us to watch where the crowds are gathering during special events and also when crimes are in progress. These officers are able to give officers on the street real time information to what is occurring," he said.

Crosby said crime unit workers will be communicating with officers on the ground to make sure they are aware of any overcrowded areas.

They'll also be working to figure out when certain roadways could be reopened, as several will be closed for a majority of the day Saturday.

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