Parking meter season starts up again March 1

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – March 1 marks the beginning of parking season and meters are back up now, but city spokesperson Mark Kruea says they won't be enforcing them until tomorrow.

Kruea said even with parking season starting tomorrow, the city will give everyone a little bit of a grace period to get used to the idea of having to pay to park again.

If you live in the city and pay taxes, Kruea said you're able to get a decal for your personal car so you can park without having to pay at the meter. If you're not a resident, there are still options like non-resident decals, which are only good for certain areas of the city. For visitors that may have extra cars, there are options like seven day passes for the meters as well. For more information on parking procedures in Myrtle Beach, click here.

"Nobody particularly likes parking meters but they do good things for the community. They identify which space you can use so that you know that's a real parking space," said Kruea. "They encourage turnover so more people can park so that spaces aren't monopolized and then we use the money from the parking meters back in the area from which it was generated to do the street scape improvements and other things in that downtown district east of Kings Highway."

Last year, the city updated parking meters on the residential street ends. This year, the city plans to do the same in the commercial area street ends. The updated meters will have new modern technology allowing users to make different payments like credit, debit and use larger bills as well.

Kruea said the equipment is on its way and once it gets here the city will start installing them.

If you find yourself at a parking meter without change and you need it, Kruea said you can call the number on the meter and someone will actually bring change to you.

The last day for pay-to-park meters is October 31.

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