Bucksport community gathers to raise awareness for opioid epidemic

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – People in Bucksport gathered at the James R. Frazier Community Center Tuesday evening to hear 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson speak about the opioid and heroin epidemic.

Richardson updated the crowd on where Horry County stands in the epidemic. He said the solicitor's office is cracking down on traffickers.

"If you are trafficking in heroin, we have just been knocking that out of the park," Richardson said. "We have been getting 15, 20, 25 years on people that are trafficking heroin."

He said other than locking up traffickers, the primary concern is the addicts themselves. Richardson noted it's important to get them help and to get people to avoid the drugs before ever even trying them.

The Horry County Coroner's Office revealed the number of deaths due to opioid overdoses in the county in 2017 was 93.

Dennis Beck with Voices of Recovery South Carolina helped organize the event. He knows all too well the dangers of opioids. His stepson, Jimmy, died a month ago from a drug overdose.

A number of recovery centers were at the event to offer their support to anyone who may need it.

Members of the audience who attended agreed it will take everyone's involvement to stop this problem.

"We're going to need everyone to start as young as you possibly can sharing with your children why they need not try these drugs," Pastor Stephen Brown said.

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