Lakeview Villas PUD, Osceola Street PUD on the agenda for Tuesday's MB City Council meeting

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The developer headed back to the drawing board after plans for the Osceola Street Planned Unit Development were last denied at city council and submitted new plans this time around, according to Planning Director Carol Coleman.

The Osceola Street PUD is on the agenda again for today's meeting for a first reading. Coleman said this time, the plans include one building for storage units rather than two, and an increased number of apartments than the original plans had.

As it stands now, Coleman said they are planning to meet with those who live in the Sandygate development next week, which is the development closest to these plans.

Coleman said when this was denied, one council member asked to bring it back and reconsider it since the developer's agent had been making an effort to find out what the issues really were.

"In all honesty, a lot of the project as it was proposed was already allowed. The one thing that wasn't allowed was the big storage unit. The Climate controlled indoor storage,” said Coleman. “The multi-family is already allowed under that zoning and the commercial uses along Mr. Joe White were already allowed under the current zoning, so they wanted to see if they could get an opportunity if they could go back and make changes to it."

Also on the agenda is a Planned Unit Development for Lakeview Villas. Coleman said the developer is looking to make it so the condos and townhomes in that development allow for short term rentals.

There are already development plans in place for Lakeview Villas, but it's only zoned for long term rentals. Coleman said the developer found people interested in the townhomes are more likely to buy it now and rent it out until they can move down here and live full-time.

As a result, the plans were put together for a planned unit development. Initially, Coleman said when it went to planning commission, there was some worry among planning commission members of too much encroachment of commercial into the residential area next to it. They decided, however, there was enough space between the two areas.

Coleman said it received a recommendation of approval at the planning commission, and then got a first reading at the last city council meeting.

"They got the first reading and then went and had a community meeting and they've submitted a new plan and they’d like to go forward with it, so that's where we are now," said Coleman.

The Planned Unit Development for Lakeview Villas will go before council for a second reading at today's meeting.

Tuesday's meeting is at 2 p.m. in the Ted C. Collins Law Enforcement Center.

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