Marion schools now equipped with trauma kits

MARION COUNTY (WMBF) - The Marion County School District recently supplied every school with brand new trauma kits.

The kits are a part of a new district initiative, The School Emergency Preparedness Project, whose goal is to equip each school with the supplies needed to take immediate action in life-threatening emergencies.

"These kits are for life-threatening injuries only. They're not just the bandages and the ice packs and the ACE bandages," said head nurse Karen Scruggs.

The kits are fully equipped to handle any catastrophic event that may come their way, including shootings, severe burns, heart attacks and broken bones, just to name a few. Scruggs said with everything going on in schools these days, the district felt the kits were needed.

"Marion County School District want to be prepared for any situation that may come and we hope and pray it never happens, but we want to be prepared to treat our students at least until EMS arrives," Scruggs said.

Recently, each school nurse received professional hands-on training with the kits, provided by the company that made them.

"They sent some limbs we could practice on, some artificial limbs that we could practice on, and also for packing wounds and for applying the tourniquets," Scruggs said.

As the head school nurse, Scruggs said it's nice to know they have the equipment necessary to save lives.

"I'm excited about having these and I can truly say I hope that we never have to use anything out of these kits, but it is encouraging to know that if we had to that we are equipped to handle the emergency until EMS arrive," Scruggs said.

Marion County received 12 kits for a total of $6,400. They were supplied by a Marion County Healthcare Foundation grant.

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