Surfside Beach police chief requesting nearly $100k for officer pay increases

Surfside Beach police chief requesting nearly $100k for officer pay increases
Source: WMBF News

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Surfside Beach Police Chief is requesting nearly $100,000 for pay increases for his officers and supervisors to remain competitive with other area agencies.

At the Town of Surfside Beach's Annual Vision Workshop Thursday night, Chief Kenneth Hofmann presented a proposal for the 2018/2019 fiscal year that would include $93,727 from the general fund to increase the pay scale to attract experienced, certified officers. The presentation notes that the increased pay scale for Myrtle Beach Police has created a "concerning pay disparity" that will affect all area agencies.

The starting pay for uncertified officers in Surfside Beach is currently $33,000, compared to Myrtle Beach Police officers' starting pay of $40,000. Certified officers in Surfside Beach start at $35,370, compared to $44,000 for certified Myrtle Beach Police officers.

Here is a complete breakdown of the requested pay scale for SBPD employees:

Chief Hofmann's presentation noted that the Surfside Beach Police Department has the lowest starting pay of any agency in the area, other than the City of Georgetown.

Chief Hofmann recommended that SBPD starting pay for uncertified officers be raised to $36,300, an increase of $3,300, and certified officers start at $40,000, an increase of $4,630. Corporals would see a starting pay raise from $37,790 to $44,214, compared to an MBPD corporal's starting pay of $47,483.

Hofmann also requested an additional $54,000 from the general fund for bonuses for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. The presentation requests the use of existing salary lapse funds remaining from vacated positions to fund bonuses for all full-time police department personal. This is "intended to stabilize police department personnel from leaving the agency in search of higher pay and benefits" before the next fiscal year.

The bonuses would include: $2,500 for each Class 1 certified officers and $1,500 for each Class 2 and civilian full-time employee.

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