MBREDC launches new website, plans for rest of 2018

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation is working on completing a marketing campaign and that includes promoting their new website.

Vice President of MBREDC Sandy Davis said the website is used as a recruitment tool. With the new website, MBREDC will be able to more efficiently contact companies who may be taking a look at their website, as well as provide more information the companies may be looking for.

Davis said when companies visit their website, they'll be able to see how many times they visited, what they clicked on, and from there they'll be able to reach out to the company. Before this, Davis said their website didn't give them as much access to as much information.

Members at MBREDC were educated on what exactly people visiting their website are looking for and that helped get the current website up to new standards, according to Davis.

"The new website has all of the criteria that is needed for the website and I think that's why it's going to be a bigger selling tool for us," said Davis. "People did not usually tend to stay on our website for a long period of time because you couldn't find the information needed, and some of the information wasn't there. So, by attending these training conferences that we go to that actually have the people that are looking for the information, they tell you what they're looking for."

CEO of MBREDC said they'll be working on a complete marketing strategy that will help bring more people to the website. This will help leaders at the company get more leads, which will turn into projects, which Kay said will hopefully turn into announcements.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2018, Kay said MBREDC is continuously working on projects and working towards making announcements. Although Kay says much of what they're doing is the same, he said they will focus on target industries like healthcare, technology, manufacturing and even the marine industry.

"We're trying to raise the overall economic health of the region and as we are able to increase wages over a short period and even a long period of time, all that does is benefit a community," said Kay, "As more people are able to have economic wealth, we're able to generate, it really becomes a generation factor throughout the entire county."

With Horry Georgetown Technical College and Coastal Carolina University right in the community as well, these colleges help pinpoint target industries and correlate with the types of fields students are training in.

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