Horry Imagine 2040 committee extends survey deadline

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Horry Imagine 2040 committee has extended the deadline for residents to complete a survey asking what they would like to see changed in the future.

Last month, the committee put on a number of open houses where residents could fill out a hard copy of the survey as well.

Overall, the county received a little over 500 responses both online and in person, but the committee is aiming to get about 1,000 responses, which is why the deadline was extended.

At Thursday's Imagine 2040 committee meeting, Leigh Kane with Horry County Planning and Zoning outlined some of the preliminary results from the first 500 responses.

The answers depended on where in Horry County the respondents were from. Kane said Horry County can be divided into rural and urban areas, and that Carolina Forest is one urban area where people are looking for change.

"A lot of the things that Carolina Forest is actually interested in desiring, I can say the good thing that's going on is the county is already working to address some of those things," Kane said. "And a lot of that is transportation needs like the widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard and additional parks and recreation facilities."

She said a more rural area like Aynor is looking for something else.

"A lot of them are looking more for preservation of the character of the communities and making sure they stay agricultural communities," Kane said.

The new deadline for the survey is March 11.

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