New entertainment venue to bring comedy hypnosis, talk show to former Waccamaw Pottery location

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Waccamaw Complex is starting to grow.

With The Asher Theater opening in April, another entertainment venue is set to open just a couple buildings over next month.

Five Star Venue is bringing unique entertainment to the Grand Strand with a comedy hypnosis show starring Hypno Jimbo, and a live interactive late night web show,hosted by Jared McMullin. The 6,500-square-foot venue will host two shows Tuesday through Sunday.

"I can remember when this place was a happening place. What's going to take place now with myself, the late night web show, with The Asher Theater,  we're going to open this place back up," Hypno Jimbo said. "We're going to make this an attraction. We know of other businesses that are talking about coming in here, so we just want to make this place grow."

Prior to Five Star Venue, the property was vacant for about 10 years. Many people who are familiar with the Waccamaw Factory Shoppes remember the popular place where people gathered years ago.

Now, new businesses are coming to the area right off U.S. 501, hoping to bring back the light it once had.

McMullin and Hypno Jimbo partnered to open up shop just a couple businesses down from The Asher Theatre. It was a coincidence they all had a vision for entertainment venues in the Waccamaw Complex.

Now, they're excited for the different audiences they hope to bring to the area, and all promise to bring something to each stage that visitors and residents have never seen before.

"I think it's great. The more entertainment we have, the better. The Asher Theater opening up next to us, I think it's just going to bring in a lot of people that are looking for something to do, locals especially," McMullen said. "If you've been here for a while you've done everything, so the more things there are to do the better it's going to be for everybody."

The venue can also be used as a multi-functional space for everything from church services to family functions. Medieval Times, which has been in the Myrtle Beach area for more than 20 years, is excited for its new neighbors.

"I'm just excited to see growth back into the Waccamaw area. Whenever I've always heard the history of it and how it used to be the bumping place to be, and it's definitely slowed down quite a bit since then. So, seeing some new life come back in has been fantastic, especially getting new neighbors in the area. We definitely would love to see that growth continue and get more people to come back to the Waccamaw area, " said Amanda Mateo, marketing and sales manager for Medieval Times.

Five Star Venue will open its doors on March 30. To learn more about shows, ticket prices and event space rental, click here.

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