Beach Village development plans for Deerfield area currently under review

Update on Beach Village development

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Deerfield area continues to grow as dirt gets leveled and for sale signs go up in the yards of the newly completed homes that sit in the new Ocean Commons development.

Plans for four developments in the Deerfield area are currently in different phases and stages.

There are three developments that are being constructed closer to the 17 Business side of Deerfield. Montage at Ocean Commons, Retreat at Ocean Commons and Old South Course have all been approved and given the "go ahead" to begin construction for some phases of the plans, according to Horry County Planning and Zoning.

Retreat at Ocean Commons, with 155 single-family lots, is being developed in four phases. The first phase is subdivided and under construction. The construction plan for phase two as been approved and construction can begin. Phases three and four are currently in development review. DR Horton is the builder of this development.

Montage at Ocean Commons has 73 single-family lots and construction comes in three phases. The construction plan for phase one has been approved and phases two and three are currently in development review stages. The home builder is unknown at this point.

Old South Course is 266 single-family lots and is being built by Beverly Homes. Plans for this development are approved and construction can begin.

Near the 17 Bypass side of the Deerfield area are plans for Beach Village. The 140-single lot plans are currently in development review. From here, Horry County Planning and Zoning said the developer will be required to put together a set of plans that different department throughout the county review to make sure they meet regulations. Once engineering, stormwater, planning and flood and fire code discuss the plans, they can be approved.

The current zoning of the land already allows for the development that is being proposed so it won't have to go before the Horry County Planning Commission, according to Horry County Planning and Zoning.

Those who live nearby for part of the year said every time they come visit, there's a new development going up. Some neighbors say they're worried about how the infrastructure will hold up with so many more people in the area.

Others said they aren't surprised. Ray Vanstone, a part-time resident, said when he saw a while back the golf courses in Deerfield weren't in operation anymore, he expected the possibility that something could take its place.

"I wasn't surprised when I came in last month and saw a lot of piles of dirt and a lot of equipment and moving things around,” said Vanstone, “It's obvious, you can't miss it. but, it doesn't, as a part time resident, it doesn't bother me because it's better than having a dead golf course I think."

He said even if he lived here full time, he wouldn't have a problem with it.

"You got to control it too, you can't stack houses side by side everywhere. You have to leave some trees and grass and things, but as long as they keep it under control, I think it's a good thing,” he said.

Horry County Planning and Zoning said the review process typically takes a few months, but could take longer depending on the complexity of the project.

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