Veterans Resource Center helps with job placement, financial difficulties, shelter

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - For nearly 10 years, the Veterans Welcome Home and Resources Center in Little River has been helping service men and women get back on their feet.

Some have called the center their saving grace.

The Veterans Welcome Home and Resources Center is a non-profit organization incorporated in South Carolina. It is not affiliated with any government agency, including the Veterans Administration.

The center was established for the sole purpose of providing veterans with-much needed assistance in learning about and applying for benefits due to each individual veteran.

For the volunteers, many of whom are veterans themselves, they said there's no better feeling then lending a helping hand.

"It's the greatest feeling you could ever have," said Ron Wilson, the center's director and a fellow veteran.

Army veteran Joseph Rogers and his wife, Brandy, came to South Carolina looking for a new home. After he lost his wallet, the family was forced to sleep inside their truck.

Thanks to help from the Veterans Resource Center, they've found new hope.

"I almost cried when I was in there talking to Keith and Ron, just knowing they were here and what they were offering," Rogers said.

From beds and showers to a full kitchen, the facility is used to transition homeless vets back into the real world. None of it would be possible without donations from the community, as well as support from area volunteers.

"I don't care if they give me $10 or a dime, their heart is in the right place and that makes me know there are good people out there willing to help each other," said veteran Amy Johnston.

The Rogers family said they are forever grateful and hope to come back and volunteer their time.

Those who would like to get involved with the Welcome Home Resource Center can click on the link or contact Ron Wilson at

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