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Additional security added to 2 Robeson Co. high schools after threats

Source: PSRC Facebook page Source: PSRC Facebook page

ST. PAULS, NC (WMBF) – Additional security was added to St. Pauls High School and Lumberton High School Monday after rumors of a possible threat against the schools, according to district officials.

Staff and administrators at the Public Schools of Robeson County began receiving calls and texts on Sunday about social media posts and texts of a threatening nature for St. Pauls and Lumberton high schools. 

"Our principals and law enforcement spent a great deal of time and resources throughout the night and early morning hours to ensure that these rumors were not credible," district officials stated. "School administrators and local law enforcement investigated the validity and attempted to identify the sources quickly."

The officials said the students are are determined to have made these threats will face disciplinary action and potential legal consequences.

"The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance," officials said. "We always take any threat against our schools very seriously. The Public Schools of Robeson County in partnership with law enforcement and school communities will exhaust every resource as we continue to investigate all threats."

Administrators, staff and school resources officers are on high alert, and school officials said that when there are active threats, extra SROs will also be present.

St. Pauls High School Principal Jason Suggs says school administration is working with district level administrators and local law enforcement to identify any issues and to ensure the school is safe. Suggs says students may face disciplinary action if the guidelines set forth in district policies and the school’s handbook are not met.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 910-865-4177.

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