CCU holds vigil to honor Florida shooting victims

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) -- Educators of the future are taking a stand, following a vigil held on the camps of Coastal Carolina University honoring the 17 lives lost in a Florida shooting.

CCU students Tyler Bealmear and Kaycelyn Laymon have a love and passion for children and education, their hearts broken by the tragedy, but each refusing to let situations like these continue.

"We see it happen all the time but we think it won't happen where we are," said Bealmear.

Bealmear is a student teacher at Forest Brook Middle, both he and Laymon speaking out on the role educators play in students lives.

"It is extremely important to build a culture not only in the classroom but even more outside the classroom," said Laymon.

CCU students and faculty gathered outside the College of Education lighting candles and praying for the victims.

The CCU College of Education Dean, Ed Jadallah, said he hopes to see changes in school systems.

"Unfortunately it happens too often," said Jadallah

As for Tyler, Kaycelyn and many other future educators, they said they're ready to be that change.

"I want to be the teacher that kids look forward to coming to and love coming to learn and creating that spark of positivity that light," said Tyler.

Tyler and Kaycelyn said the will not let events like this scare them from doing what they love and send her thoughts and prayers to the families in Florida.

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