Students, school officials address concerns, fears after deadly Florida shooting

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Parents across the country – including those in Horry County – are asking how are they supposed to send their children to school after an event like the deadly high school shooting in Florida.

It's a topic that for many is difficult, but it's also a sad reality of the world today. One Myrtle Beach counselor says having a conversation is important for children and parents.

"It brings peace to everyone when you have a plan in place and when you've actually discussed reality," counselor Lenore Bolig said. "Living in denial does not bring any solution or inner peace. Facing reality bring solutions and inner peace."

Horry County School District Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier wants parents and students to know strategies for such events are already in place for every school in the district.

Bourcier says despite that layout of Myrtle Beach Middle, each of the schools have security measures in place and the Horry County School district encourages students and parents with questions or concerns about safety or any topics to reach out to the school principal.

At this point the district has also recently added armed security guards to its Middle and High School facilities to increase safety. And there's an effort to add security guards at the elementary level as well.

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