FEMA says it will fund reconstruction of Surfside Beach pier

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Following the destruction left behind by hurricane Matthew more than a year ago the Surfside Beach Pier still sits unrepaired.

For months the town of Surfside Beach has been trying to get funding from FEMA to rebuild a concrete pier, but some people are not fond of that plan.

FEMA has given a verbal commitment to reconstruct the Surfside Beach pier damaged during Hurricane Matthew in 2016, according to Surfside Beach interim administrator Jim Duckett.

Securing funding to replace the pier has been an obstacle town leaders have been trying to overcome since the storm hit the Grand Strand.

Duckett confirms Surfside Beach will receive written approval from FEMA in the immediate future.

Mayor Bob Childs said he feels very strongly they will get the funding approved for a concrete pier.

C.B. Kemper and his wife have been coming to Surfside Beach for 24 years and says there's nothing more he would like to see than the pier rebuilt.

"Something like this should be put back definitely with the growth of the area and more tourist coming into South Carolina and people moving here from northern latitudes," said Kemper.

Nothing has officially been submitted in writing, but Childs feels this is by far the closest they've been to getting the nearly $10 million dollars to rebuilt the pier.

He hopes to have more information in the coming weeks

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