Myrtle Beach City Council votes to take eminent domain off the table for Superblock properties

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach City Council voted unanimously to rescind the use of eminent domain to acquire properties in the Superblock area.

City council took the vote at Tuesday's meeting. It was almost one year ago that the previous governing body approved a motion that laid the groundwork for the use of eminent domain if the city wanted to use it to acquire the two remaining Superblock properties.

"When the former mayor and Nance Plaza announced his vision for what they wanted to displace me with, they interviewed me and at the time my statement was I believe the city is going to do the right thing, and today, the city did the right thing," House Parts owner Andrew Paulussen said. "It's been a very long, arduous, stressful year for my wife, myself, my business and my friends, but we've gotten through it and I'm thrilled."

Initial plans were to build a new library and children's museum in the Superblock area. Those plans have since been put on hold and city leaders never used eminent domain as part of the project.

"An architect hired by the DRC did some conceptuals and those conceptuals show how the project could be done without either of those two properties. That being the case, it's no longer necessary to get those properties in order to move forward with the project," city manager John Pedersen said.

Council member Mary Jeffcoat previously said there was some misunderstanding and city council never actually voted to exercise eminent domain. She added Tuesday's vote was a way to clear the air.

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