'It was like that child was my child:' 3-week-old girl killed, mother injured after being struck by vehicle Sunday

MARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A three-week-old girl was killed when she and her mother were struck by a vehicle while they were walking along Highway 9 in Marlboro County Sunday, the county coroner confirmed.

Naomi Stancil was pronounced dead at the scene, and her mother, Sonali Stancil, was taken to the hospital, said Marlboro County Coroner Tim Brown. Officials said it happened while the infant and mother were walking along Highway 9.

Moments before the crash, the mother's cousin, Shania McCall said she and Stancil got into a heated argument at the house where Stancil and her baby were living.

"I heard everything slinging around on the ground and all kinds of stuff," McCall said.

It was after the argument that an upset Stancil left the home with the baby, Naomi, on foot. McCall said she didn't know where her cousin was going.

Shortly after, McCall's mother got a call from her fiance with disturbing news.

"He said, 'We found Sonali on the ground laying out and she said she can't feel her legs and we asked her where's the baby?' The baby's nowhere to be found," McCall said.

She added Stancil was found with a broken neck, leg and ankle about one mile from the home.

As for baby Naomi, McCall said she was found by a wrong way sign in the median along the highway at the intersection of David's Pond Road.

"I just flipped. I was, I didn't even know how to feel cause it was like that child was my child, like I helped raise her," McCall said.

From changing diapers to staying up late at night, McCall said she was there for baby Naomi, who moved into the home the day after she was born.

"I'm just trying to cope right now. Like she here, but she not here and it's just … I'm trying to wrap my head through it," McCall said.

The Marlboro County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the wreck. As for the driver involved, they could not comment on whether they are facing charges yet.

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