Former Thee Dollhouse building in process of being enhanced

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The building, which is formerly known as Thee Dollhouse on Highway 17 in Horry County is starting to look a little different after the property owner began making improvements to the building.

An attorney for the county, Arrigo Carotti, said the property owner is in the process of fixing up the building after a settlement was reached between the property owner and the county.

According to court documents, the settlement was signed back in 2016. It is a result of an appeal between Restaurant Row Waterway LLC and the Horry County Board of Zoning Appeals.

Officials said the property owner and the county have been engaged in this process now for some time, but it's almost complete.

"That's what you’re seeing now is those agreed-upon improvements to the property,” said Kelly Moore, spokesperson for Horry County. “That was in response to complaints that were received by community members about the property being in sort of dilapidated shape. Those improvements are part of the settlement agreement and that's what they're working on now."

Nothing is definite yet, but the property owner said he thinks a restaurant is the most sensible business to go on that property because it sits right on the water. Lynn White, manager of Restaurant Row Waterway LLC,  said he thinks the outside deck is a very valuable feature because it's right on the water. He said there are some buyers who are interested but couldn't say who they are.

"So, I think that some of those community members will be excited to see the property owners have invested in making the property more aesthetically pleasing and I think it will improve the community overall,” said Moore, “Now, they will have to follow the zoning rules that apply to that property so it will not be an adult entertainment facility in the future, but yes, they will have an option."

Carotti said the county wants to get the whole thing resolved and he thinks a restaurant would be a good thing for the area. Rob Shelton, an attorney for the property owner, said the location is great and the view would be ideal for restaurant should that be the kind of business that ends up taking over the building.

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