Adding apartments, restaurants some of the ideas discussed at meeting over the future of the Superblock

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach city leaders have made redeveloping the Superblock area one of their top priorities.

On Wednesday, city officials and members of the public discussed options for the area during a Downtown Redevelopment Corporation subcommittee meeting. Bars, restaurants, festivals and even housing were all ideas brought to the table.

"I've always enjoyed operating my business downtown on Main Street. I've been at that location since 2001," said Cary Boyles.

The restaurant owner was one of the many locals who came out to the subcommittee meeting to share his ideas for the Superblock area.

"I would like to see some more restaurants open on Main Street," he said. "It's worked in the past."

Adding restaurants was something neighbors and DRC members agreed on.

"There has historically been restaurants and bars in the Superblock. They didn't necessarily turn into desirable nightclubs and bars, they turned into nightclubs where we had issues and violence broke out. So, what we're looking for is restaurants we have in the Superblock right now," said MBDRC Chairman Chuck Martino.

Martino says one of his main goals is to gear the area more toward millennials.

"They're looking for a totally unique experience, something they can hashtag that's special for themselves," he said.

Another suggestion was making the area an urban village.

"One of the perhaps most transformative ideas was the idea of creating more of a residential-type area here in the Superblock area. Single-family, multi-family, with cafés and restaurants all around. Sort of an urban village," said Coastal Carolina University Professor Taylor Damonte.

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