Student Spotlight: Students bring business honors home to Aynor High School

Student Spotlight: Students bring business honors home to Aynor High School

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - Two Aynor High School students are learning the ins and outs of business early in their high school careers.

Sophomores Faith Davis and Kelvin Hill are among several students to bring home awards from the Future Business Leaders of America competition.

Davis and Hill shared what FBLA means to them so early in high school, and why it's taking them beyond the walls of Aynor High.

"It gives students a chance to get involved in the business world, gives you a better transition from school to the workplace, it develops leadership skills and it builds your confidence to do the competitive events," Davis said.

Davis took home third place at the district FBLA competition in financial math. She said she's also part of the Spanish and Beta clubs at school, but singing is her passion.

She sings with the Aynor Ensemble and Chorus, and at local events. Davis also won Conway Teen Superstar over the summer. She said FBLA will help her with a future in ministry and worship, which she hopes to purse at a Christian college.

"I want to get a business degree to stand on my own two feet, and FBLA helps me a lot with (it) because it helps those skills a lot with leadership," Davis said. "We meet people when we go to the competitive events, like district and state, and the trips are also really fun, and I like how it holds you to a certain accountability, and it gives you integrity because you have to hold yourself to studying for whatever event you're doing and things like that."

Hill went to FBLA nationals last year in California. He hopes to succeed this year as well in his FBLA testing field of financial technology.

"I learned last year that it's kind of hard to study for a technology test because technology changes so much every year," Hill said. "Like you can go on to the FBLA website, but the last one they have is like 2015 and so much has changed just in those three years now."

Hill said his prospective colleges are up in the air. He may go out of state or stay close to home.

Both students agree they're sticking with FBLA. They said they appreciate their teachers' dedication to helping them succeed and plan to keep progressing into their upperclassmen years.

"In your junior and senior years, the tests get harder and more specific. So if you focus on one event your freshman and sophomore years, you can be better prepared to take it and score higher," Davis said.

Davis and Hill will advance to the South Carolina state competition in March.

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