Conway looks ahead to next budget year

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – City officials are looking ahead to the new budget year and discussing things they'd like to see happen for the area.

Council member William Goldfinch said city staffers are researching a few things city officials talked about in recent weeks. Some of those things involve the police department, getting its own voter machines, and more lighting.

Goldfinch said the city would like to look at both aesthetic value and safety reasons. The city has already identified some areas for more lighting like on Highway 378 and Highway 501. This will include working with Santee Cooper to install light posts in some areas, according to Goldfinch.

"They're working on those items now in addition to the budget and everything else, and on budget retreat they'll come back with recommendations spanning the entire scope of what we spend money on here in the city,” said Goldfinch. “And then, we'll sort of tentatively decide on some of those items, and then we'll be hashing it out between now and then and then we'll probably vote on the budget sometime in May."

Collaboration between police departments is also something Goldfinch said he would like to see happen more this coming budget year.

Although there's no set plan for anything yet, Goldfinch said he thinks it serves as a great opportunity to work with other agencies. He gave Coastal Carolina University as one example. He said working with that department to potentially service some of the community in that area near CCU could benefit the city and help supplement what the city of Conway already has.

Goldfinch said more of a collaboration with other departments like CCU could help evenly distribute more Conway police officers throughout the city and help them not be spread too thin.

"If there’s an issue that requires a police presence, well, obviously CCU could go, but then the city of Conway could go. Well, does the city of Conway need to be there when you've got very capable CCU police officers and that’s where we I think could work a little bit better together and be a little bit more efficient,” said Goldfinch, “If you've already got CCU officers in this area, perhaps the city of Conway’s officers could be better used elsewhere."

The next steps are to sit down with council and other agencies and have a conversation. WMBF News reached out to CCU for comment. A spokesperson for the university said it maintains an excellent relationship with the City of Conway and would welcome a conversation.

A representative from the Conway police department was not available for comment at the time.

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