Proposed bill to lower litter fines expected to go up for third reading on floor of SC House of Reps today

SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) – A bill to lower litter fines in the state is expected to go up for a third reading on the floor of the South Carolina House of Representatives today, bringing lawmakers one step closer to keeping our state clean.

The proposed bill would lower fines for any litter less than 15 pounds to no less than a $25 fine and no more than a $150 fine.

Some lawmakers on the Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs told WMBF News during testimony - when the bill was heard last week - some environmental law enforcement officers have concerns that the fines in South Carolina associated with litter are too excessive.

Currently, the minimum fine for littering in the state is $200 and the maximum is over $1,000, according to Palmetto Pride's website.

Chairman of Keep Horry County Beautiful, Bo Ives, said this bill is a good thing because not only will it help people who are getting tickets make them more easily affordable, but it's also an initiative to keep our state clean.

Palmetto Pride, a group created to fight litter, is sponsoring the bill.

"Palmetto Pride is the state affiliate with 'Keep America Beautiful' and it's also the affiliate for the South Carolina Litter Control Association," said Ives. "So we're hearing from the people who are out there writing the tickets, and we're hearing from the magistrates, trying to have conversations with them on what can be done."

Even if this bill is approved today, nothing is final yet. The bill passed a second reading on the House floor yesterday, and is expected to pass it's third reading today with no problem. If that happens, the bill will move to the Senate.

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