Students take flight on helicopter ride over Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- Students at Palm Charter High School had the chance to get out of the classroom on Tuesday as part of a very unique field trip, which included a helicopter ride.

Don't worry, there was an educational point to all of this.

Students got an all access tour of the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, where future aeronautical engineers are trained. Very similar to Palm Charter, which is training students in the field of motor sports, from engineering, graphic design, even building their own race car which will hit the race track in August.

The helicopter ride gave students the opportunity to see how every part of a helicopter works and how a pilot operates.

Pilots Sean Helliar and Rich Lambert said, the field of aviation and aeronautical engineers is in high demand. Giving students a great opportunity to find jobs in the field right out of high school or college.

"Without the maintenance you don't have the flight it is a team effort, it takes the mechanics and the pilots," said Lambert.

Palm Charter Principal Avery Moore said field trips like these are all about exposing students to job opportunities.

"Our mission and vision at Palm is to give kids a real education for a real world. You do there by equipping the kid before he steps out in the real world," said Moore.

Greg Davis is an instructor at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, teaching students how to manufacturing plane engines and enjoys sharing his passion with the next generation.

"I love [airplanes] so much, so here I am helping people get into the business that I love," said Davis.

If you're interested in learning more, the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics is hosting an open house event February 24th, 2018. In August, Palm Charter will get a chance to see the race car they're building perform on the track at  Myrtle Beach Motor Speedway.

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