Old Whittemore School to be turned into Conway community center

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The fate of the old Whittemore School has been decided. The facility will be turned into a community center for the city in the future.

Conway City Council member William Goldfinch said there are no specific plans drawn out for what officials want the center to offer just yet, but some ideas have been discussed.

Goldfinch said the city has talked about adding indoor basketball courts as there seems to be a high demand for that. Other opportunities will include job skills training, classes and the potential for partnerships with other agencies to come in and teach things that may help community members enhance and better themselves.

"What's really special about this opportunity is that it costs really the city taxpayers nothing,” said Goldfinch.

The city has two separate grants that add up to over $500,000 which will be used to renovate and rehabilitate the old abandoned building.

Moving forward, Goldfinch said the next steps for the city is to come together and decide exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it.

According to Goldfinch, the city will benefit from this in many different ways. "What we want is we want to take this old rundown building, and make it nice, and give folks in that community a place to go,” he said. “We really just mainly identified it as an opportunity. The school district sees that we want to take this old facility that they're not using and turn it into something viable and bring life back to that really historic building, too."

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