Myrtle Beach changes regulations for food trucks in the city

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach food truck ordinance was passed nearly four months ago, yet not one food truck has started operating inside the city limits.

That could soon change following a revision to the original plan on Tuesday.

According to the original food truck ordinance, each food truck must partner with a commercial kitchen that is within the city limits.

That single requirement was enough to keep food truck owners from crossing the city line because their commercial kitchen partnerships sat outside of Myrtle Beach, some less than a mile.

"To have to leave that just to go and work a couple miles down the road just didn't make any sense," Laura Favreau, owner of Charleston Flats, said.

Leslie O'Neill owns Be Well Meals and Juice Bar in Carolina Forest. She also owns her own commercial kitchen and food truck, but because her kitchen sits outside the city limits, she can't operate here in Myrtle Beach.

In her first month as Myrtle Beach mayor, Brenda Bethune and the city council removed that requirement, giving food truck operators the opportunity they've been waiting for.

"I think this is going be a great opportunity for food trucks to enter the city and show people what food we have and show the city that there is quality food coming out of these food trucks too," Drew Basilicato, owner of Trojan Cow, said.

"I think the food trucks will do very well and I think the city will do very well because now they're offering something that is competitive to other what other cities offer as well," O'Neill said.

Only six permits are available during this one-year trial period. The city has not made any other changes to the ordinance and are only allowing trucks to operate in designated locations.

Applications for permits can be found at the city service building on North Oak Street.

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