'Can you please bring him home to me?' Family prays for safe return of missing Scotland County 4-year-old

Additional photos of Raul Johnson shared on Facebook. (Source: Sierra Niner Jess)
Additional photos of Raul Johnson shared on Facebook. (Source: Sierra Niner Jess)

SCOTLAND COUNTY, NC (WMBF) – The family of a missing 4-year-old boy in Scotland County continue to hope and pray for the best.

According to an Amber Alert issued Wednesday, the Scotland County Sheriff's Office is searching for Raul Johnson, who was last seen on Village Drive traveling on foot toward Crestline Road in Laurinburg, N.C., on Wednesday.

The child was last seen wearing a white and orange tiger-striped shirt with tigers on it, and white pants with rocket ships printed on them.

"No one heard him go outside. The last person to see him was the next-door neighbor," mother Annie Johnson said.

That neighbor, Shirley Norten-Stubbs, said Raul came knocking at her door but wouldn't say anything.

"I said, 'Go back home to your grandpa,'" she said. "That's about it. I didn't see him no more."

Raul is the youngest of eight siblings. His family is now praying for his return.

"If you see my brother can you please bring him home to me, because I need to tell him I'm sorry if I've been mean to him?" brother Nickolas Johnson said through tears. "I miss him so much."

Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey gave an update on the search Thursday afternoon. He said roughly 200 personnel have been conducting ground and aerial searches.

On Friday, Kersey posted a phone number people can call with information about the missing boy. That number is (910) 405-9940.

He added that a dive team has also been searching a pond near where the child went missing. Local K-9 units have also been utilized.

"We're just continuing to do all we can," Kersey said.

According to Kersey, Johnson was barefoot when he went missing. Hopes were that he may have gone to a nearby hayfield or barn to get warm.

The sheriff noted that the child has wandered off before, including being missing for about 25 minutes on Tuesday.

"You have to watch your own kids," Kersey said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at (910) 405-9940, the Scotland County Sheriff's Office at (910) 276-3385 or call 911.

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