City of Myrtle Beach works to improve sidewalk safety

City of Myrtle Beach works to improve sidewalk safety

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - In any city or county, there are lots of projects going on behind the scenes to ensure your safety. Right now, the city of Myrtle Beach is working to make sure our sidewalks don't pose a hazard by grinding down raised areas.

The city budgets $50,000 annually to work with a contractor.

"It comes out of our public works budget. It's one of those costs that we just have to spend to make sure that Myrtle Beach is safe for people to walk around in. It's just one of those regular costs of maintenance that goes along with operating a city this size," said Mark Kruea, the city's spokesperson.

A special machine grinds down any raised areas or cracks that have occurred over the last year.

"Mother nature moves the concrete around in strange ways whether it's a tree root or settling or something like that so we need to go in and grind it down again so there really isn't a trip hazard," Kruea said.

This year, crews started working in November at The Market Common. They have since worked on Nance Plaza, and Broadway Street.

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