Pee Dee school takes extra steps to prevent flu

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - School is back in session, and around this time of year, so is the flu virus. One local school is taking extra steps to prevent the very contagious flu virus in the most vulnerable place for children.

LeAnn Harter, a school nurse at Greenwood Elementary, said children are already out of school because of the illness.

"Most of the time we're picking up those germs off of a surface and not aware and touching our eyes, nose, mouth," Harter said.

When it comes to schools, those germs are all over - on supplies, floors, toys and many more places. Harter said preventing the flu is not only the parents' responsibility, but the child's too. She teaches students about staying germ free.

"We want to cover our cough or our sneeze and so if we can teach children to do and avoid other people's cough, sneeze and use that hand washing those are great ways to avoid the flu."

When it comes to washing hands, Harter said it's important to know how to effectively.

"Certainly use a good soap product, rub and make bubbles for 20 secs is what we teach children here at Greenwood," Harter said. "We got to see bubbles before we rinse to be effective hand washing."

Besides washing hands, Harter said if a child is sick, the best thing is to simply stay home.

"If they could just keep those children out of the playgrounds or out of school, then maybe we can help stop the flu," Harter said.

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