Residents continue to fight for Yaupon Drive name change

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Residents on Yaupon Drive are still fighting for a street name change. This time, they're asking to change the name to Southern Pointe Drive.

This change would only be for half the street, from 19th Avenue South to 29th Avenue South. During the Myrtle Beach Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, leaders decided to wait to approve or deny the name change.

During the meeting, City Manager John Pedersen spoke in favor of the change.

"I drove Yaupon at lunch time. It's about two miles long if you start on the north end and go to the south end. It's a different street when you get to 19th," said Pedersen.

Yaupon Drive has a reputation as one of the most dangerous streets in Myrtle Beach, but neighbors argue that the southern half of the street does not see as much crime.

"We're not asking to change the full name because not everyone on the full Yaupon Street wants to change the name. Only the people in this section want to and have met the requirements to enter a petition," said a concerned citizen.

To petition a street name change, 75 percent of people who live on the street need to be in favor. Carol Coleman says 79 percent of people who live in the ten-block span petitioned to change the name.

"Normally it's unusual for people to request a street name change in these numbers because it's an inconvenience to do so. It's an inconvenience on them," Coleman said.

"I applaud them for what they've done, but why not change the whole name if they're going to change it?" asked resident Deborah Young.

If the name is changed, a miniature traffic circle will go on 19th Avenue South so there is a clear difference between the streets. The city engineer says that would cost about $10,000.

The Planning Commission plans to vote on the name change at the next meeting on Feb. 6.

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